Know more about our commitment, our projects and our missions.

The founding of our NGO came about naturally to give legal support to our main programme, Share & Play, and ended up becoming a social platform dedicated to building new social projects that participate in development through sport. Know more about them.

Our commitment

All the projects in which we are involved go in the same direction and have a common end goal: young people.

We are an organization with a strong desire to grow and help, that’s why we give a voice to athletes who have something to say, something to contribute or simply want to collaborate in our mission. It is a privilege to have them close to us and they are our most precious allies.

Our passion for working with young people and our desire to leave them a better world by involving them in it drove us to continue growing and to provide solutions to the problems we were finding. That is why we decided to open the doors of our organization to other institutions that, with their experience combined with our strength, could have a greater impact at an international level.

Since 2020 we have been leading European projects together with the European Commission and working with organizations committed to social development.

Share & Play

Share & Play is our main programme, and although it is our longest running, it will always be our baby. It is focused on personal development through handball. We work with young people and help them to improve their social, educational and health skills. Every year we work with 300 young people on a regular basis, and we have a large community of athletes and institutions that support our work and help us in this cause.

Coaches With Skills (COWISK)

Coaches With Skills (COWISK) is a project focused on Emotional Intelligence (EI), where the soft skills of sports coaches are evaluated. Young people have needs that go beyond technical-tactical concepts and that must be covered by the people who accompany them in their training and matches, in this case, the coaches. The project provides them with tools to improve their leadership skills and, above all, to improve their EI.

Inclusion Through Sport

Inclusion Through Sport is a project that focuses on social inclusion, where the main objective is to raise awareness. The needs study that was carried out allowed us to know what the situation is in different European countries and what good practices exist to propose new ideas.


SCOUT is a project focused on social development in the world of volleyball. Together with other European partners, we are designing an educational program for players and sports coaches that will cover topics such as health, dual careers, gender, cooperative learning, and families.


EPLAY is a project in which we are working with different European partners, including UEFA and several National Teams, where the objective is to design an educational program for football fans and for the families of the athletes (young people between 8 and 14 years old)