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Step into the realm of champions, where we dive deep with top athletes. Unveiling the tales of their journey, these interviews go beyond the podium. From life’s twists to tackling social matters, witness the blueprint of development and the art of overcoming. It’s not just about sweat; it’s the essence of effort that carves their inspiring narratives. Get ready for a front-row seat to the heart and soul of the sporting elite. 


One athlete for each month of the year, 12 months, 12 athletes. That is our commitment, to show you the face you don’t see in their games or competitions. 

Each month a different theme, a different Game-changer, an athlete who has understood the meaning of sport, who has lit a light in moments of gloom and who can now enlighten others. 

We are going to show the power of sport and make it the most valuable tool in our development. We aim to demonstrate to the next generation that consistently working on self-improvement, they can achieve goals that may initially seem unreachable. We are going to help them get to know themselves and perhaps identify with some of our Game-changers. 

Our games don’t have a scoreboard that tells us when it’s over, our games never end because they are full of goals, challenges and adventures that will stick with us for the rest of our lives. 

Being an athlete is a state of mind, it is assuming a lifestyle linked to values such as effort, loyalty, commitment, consistency. It is a way of behaving, of accepting adversity, of fighting to get what you want.  

There is a day when the lights go out, the fans no longer roar and you only hear your own encouragement. There may be many of you who have not yet been able to see the brightness of those lights, who have not vibrated with the support of your teammates or fans. That is why we have gathered this group of Game-changers, so that they can light the path for those who need it until they find their light. 

Carlos Prieto.

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