Who we are?

We are a non-profit organization founded in 2019 in Germany, focused on achieving several of the Global Goals proposed by the United Nations for the year 2030.


Inspire children through our experiences, ignite their curiosity through our stories. We seek to create an impact on their lives that will help them develop as children and grow with solid values that will follow them on their journey.

Our approach

We link committed athletes with children, offering them one more support for their integral development. Our athletes are the bearers of the message and those in charge of putting into practice the activities previously created and supervised by specialists.

Focus Areas


We are concerned that children receive a solid education that allows them to develop intellectually and have more and better options for their future. An early interest in education may awaken their curiosity for later years.

Social Inclusion

Our athletes are the ideal example for promoting social inclusion, they are always in contact with athletes from other countries, with other cultures and ideologies with a common link, sport. Learning from tolerance and respect is something we have in our DNA.


Not only physical health but also mental health.

We support the development of holistic teaching, giving importance to physical, intellectual, emotional and social factors. With childhood obesity as one of the main problems we treat, but we also focus on mental health, such as childhood depression. We offer children the necessary tools to face diverse situations that appear during their development.


The power of sport to inspire children is unquestionable, that is why it is our vehicle and we base our methodology on it.

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